Neubau Bürogebäude Georgiberg | Berghausen
Georgiberg Georgiberg
Year of construction:
2013, new construction
40 m³ insulation material
GMS 65 kg/m³ / thermal conductivity 0,035 W/mK
Form of applicaiton:
Core insulation for hollow bricks
Place of production:
Company GEOLYTH - In- house production

A holistic mineral form of construction is not necessarily a vision or a project of the future. No, it is part of the present. Through the breathable structure of the foam and its ability to insulate on a high level, there is no additional external thermal insulation system needed. The owners of the wine estate were searching for an alternative, yet efficient, insulation material. They found it in GEOLYTH. Therefore, the masonry of the office wing consists of filled hollow clay bricks.


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