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The specialist for mineral foams

GEOLYTH Mineral Technologie GmbH provides an overall collaborative solution expertise for mineral based insulation systems.  GEOLYTH is specialized in developing and implementing mineral foam solutions in quality oriented construction companies with the needs of comprehensive operating methods. GEOLYTH appears on the market as a general contractor, who is dedicated and destined to improve the existing products of companies in the field of the building and construction industry. The core competencies of GEOLYTH are defined in procuring the raw materials, organizing the process technology and implementing the necessary process know- how. Through the vast experience in the field of sustainable insulation materials the company guarantees a high quality work approach. In fact, GEOLYTH is not only a reliable and strong partner for your projects, but also an associate with result oriented ambitions.

Geolyth Traun

Our developments

GEOLYTH Mineral Technologie GmbH in Traun/OÖ was founded in 2006 within the Trierenberg Holding AG. Since that time it has been developing self- hardening mineral materials for incombustible insulation purposes with different fields of applications. Both, the GMS series and the GEOLYTH bluesmart® compound have been tested several times in recent years and are now certified to a high quality standard. GEOLYTH was extensively researching and testing mineral insulation materials in the past years. A structured empirical method competence allowed GEOLYTH to gain essential knowledge in the field of mineral insulations. Hence the company could create quality based insulation products which are not only open to diffusion, but also incombustible and sound absorbing. The newest invention is the micro spheres GEOLYTH bluesmart® compound. It consists of all valuable attributes for a solid and reliable insulation material for complex purposes.  

Geolyth Mischsystem


Development of GEOLYTH blender systems
GEOLYTH wins ACR cooperation award
Completion of first market- ready products


Material certification by DIBt Germany - DIBt approval No. Z-23.11-181-1



Material approval by IBR for GEOLYTH mineral foam
Institut für Baubiologie Rosenheim GmbH
No. 3012532

products as A+


Emission classification of our products as A+ according
to ISO 16000



Development of the insulation system GEOLYTH bluesmart® compound


Material approval by DIBt Germany– GEOLYTH bluesmart®  compound No. Z- 23.11-2021



Material approval by IBR for GEOLYTH bluesmart® compound
Institut für Baubiologie Rosenheim GmbH
No. 3016-843