GEOLYTH bluesmart®

The GEOLYTH bluesmart® compound is the latest invention of GEOLYTH. It consists micro spheres whose surfaces are closed [hydrophobic!] and a cement matrix as a binding agent. The product itself is unique and relies on a patented mixture. Not only is it incombustible [A1] and noise cancelling, but also open to diffusion and properly insulating [thermal conductivity: 0,0398 W/mK]. The density can be adjusted to the form of usage. However, main advantages are the compressive strength and the ability to harden by its own. No autoclave process required!

diffusionsoffenopent to

wärmedämmend und kältehemmendexcellent thermal
nicht brennbarincombustible,
schwindfreino shrinkage

Fields of application

checkmark Clay brick filling
checkmark Under- screed insulation
checkmark Insulation board
for facades

checkmark Pipe insulation
checkmark Insulation for district
heating networks
checkmark Roof and
cavity insulation


How manufacturer are profiting from GEOLYTH bluesmart®

What architects and users are benefiting from

Vorteile bluesmart®

Technical details

  • Density acc. EN 1602: from 63 [kg/m³] to 500 [kg/m³]
  • Thermal conductivity λ10,tr acc. EN 12667: from 0,0398 [W/mK]
  • Water absorption acc. EN ISO 12571: 0,03 [kg/kg]
  • Water vapour diffusion value µ acc. EN 12086: 5 µ
  • Compressive strength acc. EN 826: from 275 [kPa]
  • Dimensional stability DS (23,90) acc. EN 1604: 0,1 %
  • Fire protection classification acc. EN 13501: A1
  • Sound insulation factor RW: ~ 36 dBA
  • Very versatile
  • Applied in form of powder
  • Self- hardening (dries quickly)
  • Pure mineral compound
  • High compressive strength
  • Environmental friendly disposal, equally to concrete
  • Tested, certified and patented

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