GMS 130

mineral foam

The GEOLYTH GMS 130 is mainly used as a thermal insulation layer for concrete sandwich panels. Through its firmer structure [density: 130 kg/m³], the foam is more resilient to pressure compared to the GMS 65. Nonetheless, it is a highly insulating product [thermal conductivity: 0,040 W/mK] with inflammable qualities [A1] and an overall breathable constitution. The application follows the rules of a simple layering process. Once the first concrete layer is applied, the GMS 130 can be poured over (wet- on- wet condition). The foam hardens quickly by itself, and is then able to be processed further. The reinforcement and second layer of concrete are applied on the mineralized foam to finish the product.
The GMS 130 is very versatile in its application. The usage as a thermal insulation board, for instance, is a common case.  

diffusionsoffenopen to

wärmedämmend und kältehemmendexcellent thermal
nicht brennbarincombustible,
schwindfrei no shrinkage

Fields of application

schallabsorbierend Insulation board

Through the excellent insulation capabilities and its simple production process, the GMS 130 is very often used by manufacturer. The thermal insulation board is practicable for in- and outdoor applications. 

schallabsorbierendCore- insulation for
concrete elements

The GMS 130 is used often as an insulation filling for concrete sandwich elements. The foam is applied by manufacturer in liquid condition on a wet layer of concrete. After the hardening process of the foam, the reinforcement and second layer of concrete are applied immediately. 

schallabsorbierend Fire protection board

The incombustible [A1] mineralized foam GMS 130 is an optimal material to prevent the spread of fire. In the form of a thick board, it is minimalizing the risk of expanding fire hazards. 


How manufacturer are profiting from GMS 130

What architects and users are benefiting from

Geolyth Mineralschaum 130

Technical details

  • Density acc. EN 1602: ~ 130 [kg/m³]
  • Thermal conductivity λ10,tr acc. EN 12667: 0,040 [W/mK]
  • Water absorption acc. EN ISO 12571: 0,029 [kg/kg]
  • Water vapour diffusion value µ acc. EN 12086: 2,2
  • Compressive strenght acc. EN 826: 135 [kPa]
  • Sound insulation factor RW (C; CTR)= 52 (-2;-6) dBA
  • Fire protection classification acc. EN 13501: A1
  • Versatile
  • Applied in liquid form (wet- on- wet)
  • Self- hardening (dries quickly)
  • Homogenous, assessable foam structure
  • Environmental friendly disposal, equally to concrete
  • Tested, certified and patented

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