GMS 65
mineral foam

The GEOLYTH GMS 65 was intensely undergoing a long term research process. Now, due to its extreme light weight [density: 65 kg/m³] and breathable structure, the mineral foam is able to compete on a high level of effectiveness. Not only in terms of heat- insulation capabilities [thermal conductivity: 0,035 W/mK] and sound absorbing qualities, but also in terms of fire resisting capabilities. The mineral foam is totally incombustible [A1] and does not need any form of external heat source to harden, once it is applied in liquid form. Therefore, the production of the foam is low in energy consumption and reduces the general CO2 footprint of the finished object. The foam itself is primarily used as a filling for hollow block stones and clay bricks. Through its smart formula, the foam does not lose its shape. It remains geometrically stable, even when cut or processed.

diffusionsoffenopent to 

wärmedämmend und kältehemmendexcellent thermal
nicht brennbarincombustible,
schwindfreino shrinkage

Field of application

schallabrorbierendFilling for hollow blocks and clay bricks

The mineralised foam is applied fully automatic by machine.


How manufacturer are profiting from GMS 65

What architects and users are benefiting from

Geolyth Mineralschaum 65

Technical details

  • Density acc. EN 1602: ~ 65 [kg/m³]
  • Chemical reaction: basic (pH> 12,5)
  • Thermal conductivity λ10,tr acc. EN 12667: 0,035 [W/mK]
  • Water vapour diffusion value µ acc. EN 12086: 1,7
  • Compressive strenght acc. EN 826: 66 [kPa]
  • Fire protection classification acc. EN 13501: A1
  • Ecological mineral foam based on cement matrix
  • Applied in liquid form
  • Self- hardening
  • Remains stable after cutting
  • Homogenous, assessable foam structure
  • Environmental friendly disposal, equally to concrete
  • Tested, certified and patented

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