GEOLYTH P100 is a thermal expanded micro spheres, whose volume is increased by the 10- to 20th of its original form. In fact, a technical vacuum arises inside the cell due to a patented physical enlargement process. However, the expanded cell remains closed and does not crack during the deformation. It enables the cell to reduce its thermal conductivity level and withstand the absorbtion of water. Due to its mineral origin, the expanded micro spheres remains incombustible (A1).

rein mineralischsolely
geschlossene Oberflächeclosed
hohe mechanische Festigkeithigh mechanical

leichtleight- weight

keine Wasseraufnahmeno water
nicht brennbarincombustible,

Purpose of use

schallabrorbierend mineral leight-weight additive

Fields of application


Where GEOLYTH P100 comes into action

 P100 Blasen-Grafik-DE

Technical details


  • Density following DIN EN 1097-3: from 63 kg/m3
  • Thermal conductivity λ10,tr acc. DIN EN 12667: from 0,039 W/mK
  • Grain size distribution: d10: 130–200 μm / d50: 360–460 μm / d90: 640–700 μm
  • Colour/form: white/round, closed cell
  • pH-value: 6,5–8
  • Combined H2O: max. 2 m.%
  • fire protection classification: A1
  • Main chemical components: SiO2 (72–74 %) and Al2O3 (11–14 %)
  • Fire protection classification: A1
  • Glazed and closed surface
  • Easy to process (free flow)
  • High absorption resistance
  • Low in dust
  • No toxic waste (100% recyclable)

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