Neubau Bürogebäude Georgiberg

Wine estate Georgiberg,

A holistic mineral form of construction is not necessarily a vision or a project of the future. No, it is part of the present. Through the breathable structure of the foam and its ability to insulate on a high level, there is no additional external thermal insulation system ...


Neubau Miethaus Wischerstrasse

Family house Wischerstrasse,

When it comes to building a house, it is not easy to meet all requirements of hosts, especially when the subject of insulation material comes into discussion. A product that has to fulfill superior insulation qualities, has to pass fire resistant test and ...


Neubau Montessori Schule

High school building,

The GMS 130 was put into practice in 2015 as core insulation between concrete sandwich- elements. Based on the demand of a French architect the construction company Trepka GmbH and GEOLYTH GmbH cooperated in order to fulfill a need of monolithic insulation ...